JCDe Productions

A documentary film production and media company.

JCDe productions is a production company based in Brooklyn, New York. It was created by Swiss director, producer and reporter Jean-Cosme Delaloye. It specializes in documentaries, feature radio stories and print stories. Jean-Cosme has been the U.S. Correspondent for the Tribune de Genève and 24 Heures since 2002.  STRAY BULLET, Jean-Cosme's new feature documentary produced by Tipi'Mages was released on July 15, 2018, on Netflix. Before that, the film had screened at the prestigious Solothurner Filmtage. In 2015, Jean-Cosme directed the award-winning feature documentaries LA PRENDA (The Pawn) about kidnappings of young women in Guatemala. The film premiered at Hot Docs and in Guadalajara in 2015. Among its other productions, BY MY SIDE is an award-winning documentary about 3 young women living in the largest garbage dump in Central America and the short doc  "Riding the Death Train" was the launch film of AJ+ in the US in 2014.